Julian Schiavo

Hey! I'm a 18-year-old programmer majoring in CS @ UIUC, interested in mobile apps and cutting edge technologies. Learn more about me through some of my featured work below, and feel free to reach out!

Next Bus

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Launch CS


Next Bus


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Frustrated by the poor user experience provided by the existing bus schedule apps in Hong Kong, I was encouraged to create a better solution. I launched the original version of NextBus in 2020, allowing people across Hong Kong to check when their commuter bus was arriving.

In 2021, I am working on a brand new, redesigned version, called Next Bus 2, which brings major new features including support for scheduled notifications, custom homescreen widgets, and automatic route-finding support.



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I built and programmed ClusterCards, an iOS business card scanner app that aimed to make scanning business cards instantaneous by using optical character recognition (OCR) to detect details, such as phone numbers and emails, from business cards automatically. ClusterCards integrated new iOS features such as Siri Shortcuts, iCloud sync, and dark mode.

I launched and promoted ClusterCards in 2019, receiving over 30,000 downloads and making HK$20,000 ($2,500) in the first year.

Launch CS


Working closely with Apple, I founded Launch CS, a brand new community service initiative that aimed to teach Apple's Swift programming language to underprivileged students at schools across Hong Kong.

I led a team of likeminded students in developing our own curriculum for the course, ensuring we made the course both fun and educational.

Note: Curriculum available on request.

WWDC Scholarship Winner

2018, 2019, 2021

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In 2018, 2019, and 2021, I was awarded scholarships to attend Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in California (see note below). Every year, Apple awards scholarships to 350 students who are passionate about coding and apply by creating a unique project, such as a game or educational app. Winners are awarded free tickets to attend WWDC, opportunities to connect with Apple developers, and more (see note below).

In 2020 and 2021, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, WWDC was held online. In these years, the scholarship program has been called the Swift Student Challenge, and offers a similar experience online without travelling to California.

Documentation copy available on request.



Fuze is a social video app I created in SwiftUI built around the concept of sharing moments of your life with friends. It aimed to redefine traditional social media by allowing users to train their own recommendation algorithm by swiping left and right on videos.

As part of the app, I developed the frontend iOS app and a custom backend server as the sole developer, using technologies including SwiftUI, serverless JavaScript, and asynchronous programming through Apple's Combine framework.

Fuze launched in 2021 and gained over 100 active users in its first week, mainly teenagers in Hong Kong.

CISxIdeas Hackathon

Leader, Technology


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I was invited to lead the technology team at CISxIdeas, an initiative by my school which hosted the first hackathon for secondary school students in Hong Kong that enables students to learn directly from industry leaders.

In 2021, we are partnering with Microsoft, other organisations, and schools in Hong Kong to host our second hackathon, asking students to focus on solving an educational issue by creating a product.

In my role as leader for technology, I developed our new website, containing a beautiful schedule, detailed information, and an integration with Tito for registration. I am also leading the development of internal tools for our team.

Volunteer, Code + Create Team


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I volunteered at the Kids4Kids (a local non-governmental organisation) offices in a leadership role, leading the restructuring and designing of the new Code + Create program and curriculum. The program teaches Computer Science class in community centers and local schools in Hong Kong. The new curriculum is based on Google's CS First classes, and has already been rolled out across Hong Kong at beneficiary schools.

I also ran classes for a cohort of Code + Create at Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School in Hong Kong, leading a group of volunteers in teaching the new curriculum for the first time.

Software Engineering Intern


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In the summer following Year 11 (Grade 10), I interned at Silentmode, a Hong Kong-based startup that builds a meditation and breathing workout app.

I worked under the lead developer to prototype and develop major features for the Breathonics iOS and watchOS apps, including a redesigned home feed in SwiftUI and an update to the Apple Watch app using WatchConnectivity and SwiftUI. During my internship, I also collaborated with the Product Lead, participating in sprints and fixing bug reports.

Contact details for lead developer available on request.

Freelance Software Engineering


At the beginning of Year 13 (Grade 12), I worked on a freelance basis with Inturio, a Hong Kong-based startup that is working on a project related to medical technology.

As part of my work with them, I created a prototype app for the startup as the sole developer. Technologies used included Apple's ResearchKit, SwiftUI, and virtual reality graphics technologies.

More information and contact details for founder available on request.